Department of Planning and Regional Development
School of Engineering
University of Thessaly

5th Panhellenic Conference of Planning and Regional Development

27 - 30 September 2018

A triennial event, organized by the Planning and Regional Development Department of the University of Thessaly, and held in Volos, the Panhellenic Planning and Regional Development Conference addresses the full span of spatial subjects, explanative theories, analytical tools and methodological processes underpinning effective planning and development.

Attracting academics and practitioners, established researchers and specialists, public and private sector officials and staff, as well as students in relevant disciplines, the Conference, in its next, 5th, edition, is to occur from September 27th-30th, 2018.

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The Conference includes special sessions such as sessions of young academics, posters session and parallel events.

Conference Themes

The following themes are indicative:

  • spatial planning and land issues in the era of crisis,
  • new institutional framework for spatial planning and environment,
  • housing policy,
  • environmental planning - protection of the natural environment,
  • bioclimatic design - Renewable Energy Sources
  • climate change and policies,
  • protection of ecosystems and biodiversity,
  • transport and sustainable mobility,
  • real estate management,
  • innovation and entrepreneurship,
  • location of investments,
  • primary sector and sustainable food planning,
  • geoinformatics,
  • big data - open data,
  • urban regeneration,
  • creative cities,
  • smart cities,
  • healthy cities,
  • public spaces - green areas,
  • urban landscape
  • quality of life in cities,
  • social problems and spatial development,
  • demography (immigration, refugee issue)
  • maritime spatial planning - coastal management,
  • coastal management,
  • spatial planning and water,
  • spatial development and human resources,
  • participatory planning
  • cultural and natural heritage,
  • leisure (tourism, culture, sports, entertainment);
  • place marketing and branding,
  • special and mega events,
  • soundscapes and planning,
  • space and cinema, etc.

Keynote speakers

Urban Humanities: New Practices for Reimagining the City
Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, UCLA

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris is Associate Provost for Academic Planning at UCLA, Associate Dean of the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, and Professor of Urban Planning. Her area of specialization is urban design, physical and land use planning. She holds degrees in architecture and urban planning and has published extensively on issues of inner-city revitalization, gentrification and displacement, cultural uses of public space, mobility and safety. She has published more than 100 articles and chapters and co-authored or co-edited five books: Urban Design Downtown: Poetics and Politics of Form (1998); Jobs and Economic Development in Minority Communities (2006); Sidewalks: Conflict and Negotiation over Public Space; Companion to Urban Design (2009); and The Informal American City: Beyond Taco Trucks and Day Labor (2014). Along with colleagues at UC Berkeley and UCLA she has initiated the Urban Displacement Project, which aims to understand the nature of gentrification and displacement in American cities, and help communities take action.

Digital Archives and Cities: the Online Past and the Digital Economy
Emmanouil Tranos

Dr Emmanouil Tranos is an economic geographer focusing primarily on the spatiality of the digital economy. He is a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Birmingham and has published on issues related with the geography of the internet infrastructure, the economic impacts that this digital infrastructure can generate on cities and regions and the position of cities within spatial, complex networks. His research in this area led to a monograph on “The Geography of the Internet: Cities, Regions and Internet Infrastructure”. Emmanouil has also a strong interest and expertise on the use of new sources of big data, such as data from mobile phone operators, as a means to improve our understanding of the complexities of cities and urban systems. Currently he is doing research on (i) the role of online social media as medium for knowledge transfer, and (ii) the evolution of the digital economy in the UK by utilising the wealth of archived web data.

Conference Organizers

The Department of Planning and Regional Development, part of the School of Engineering of the University of Thessaly, was established in 1989. It is located in Volos, a port city of the Thessaly Region in central Greece.
The Department (DPRD) offers a full 5-year degree programme, 9 post-graduate MSc Programmes as well as doctoral supervision to PhD candidates. Research activity is supported by 12 Laboratories, covering all aspects of urban and regional planning and development.
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